PENTIUM is a information technology based company. PENTIUM COMPUTER SCHOOL is its sister concern. We import IT based quality products and resale these to our valueable clients . PENTIUM IPS is our own manufacturing product. Visit our online shop
We strongly maintain after sale service. PENTIUM COMPUTER SCHOOL offers various computer courses. Currently we offer Website Design and Development course for those who want to buildup carrier as a web developer. We are lounching for 18 years in the same premises.

For details pls call-88-02-9345796, 88-01817103881.

PENTIUM was founded in 1998. We are providing the information technology based products and service support for the nation in the field of computer sales/service, all kinds of computer accessories, our own brand PNTIUM IPS, CC Camera, DVR, NVR, Time Attendance Machine,
Video door phone, Access control system, corporate support/training, IT consultancy etc. PENTIUM COMPUTER SCHOOL is one of its sister concern.This days we can not think without information technology. No one can think without computer. The whole wold is going ahead by the help of information technology. Global comunication is so easy that we asume the world is in our hand. Science, technology, business-everything is easy to us than ever. We are trying to literate our human resource by providing information technology based
knowledge so that they can easily take the advantage of information technolgy and compete with rest of the world.

The main objective of PENTIUM is to help the nations to achieve the highest level of information technology based knowledge.

Contact Address:

PENTIUM, Room No-303,

2nd Floor, Mouchak Tower,

Malibagh (Mor), Dhaka-1217,






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