Creative SBS A35

Creative SBS A35

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Creative SBS A35


Multimedia Speaker


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Product Description

Creative SBS A35

Creative SBS A35

Product details of Creative SBS A35 Multimedia Speakers (Black)

Your laptop’s in-built speakers just wouldn’t cut it. Streaming movies and TV series online, or just simply jamming to your favourite groove or remembering love with some good love songs, the Creative SBS A35 2.0 Speakers amplify and delivery clear and crisp sound from your laptop and personal computers.

Turn up the tunes. Just plug the speakers to any PC or laptop and you’re ready for an afternoon’s soundtrip or catch up on the favorite TV series you missed over the week of busy work. You can even plug it into smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players sporting a 3.5mm stereo jack to blast the night away or just cozy up to jazzy tunes.


Enjoy watching movies with close to cinematic experience, all in a small set of speakers. The Creative speakers can even function as additional singers for smaller LED TV units, just plug it in using an AV adaptor. Feel the thrill and heart-pounding climax of action or horror movies with less space yet powerful sound at the comforts of your room. Chill, relax, and let the Creative speakers bring you the clarity at its finest.


The Creative 2.0 speakers’ internal components come magnetically shielded from strong magnetic sources for a flawless performance. Enjoy unhampered sound, even with constant calls and rings from mobile phones. It even provides secure sound links for internet calls like Skype and other VOIP (voice-over-internet) services, a great must-have for employees of multi-location or multi-national offices.



For your home or office sound needs, you can trust the Creative A35 Speakers to deliver only the best quality sounds.

Specifications of Creative SBS A35 Multimedia Speakers (Black)

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Creative SBS A35 Multimedia Speakers (Black)
General Features:
Color Black
Gender Unisex
Model SBS A35
Size (L x W x H cm) 19.5x8x18.5
Product warranty 1 Year Warranty
Weight (kg) 0.75


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